Pillar 4: Review


In our busy workplaces, it can be challenging to set aside time to evaluate our efforts. However, public engagement is rarely a single event, but rather, an ongoing relationship built on trust and communication between local officials and the community.

Step 1: Evaluate Public Engagement Approach

  • In what ways was the public engagement and housing process successful? 
  • What could have gone better? 
  • Is there any training needed in order to execute this type of public engagement more effectively in the future? (e.g. facilitation skills; graphic design; survey question construction; meeting design)

Step 2: Evaluate Outreach Plan

  • What aspect of the community outreach plan worked well?  
  • What could have gone better? 
  • Were there community groups not represented at the housing planning events? 
  • Are there community leaders with whom the agency should build stronger ties?

Step 3: What Barriers Did You Overcome?

  • What internal organizational barriers did you overcome while engaging the public during the housing planning process? 
  • What other political barriers did you overcome?

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