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Pillar 4: Review

In our busy workplaces, it can be challenging to set aside time to evaluate our efforts. However, public engagement is rarely a single event, but rather, an ongoing relationship built on trust and communication between local officials and the community.


Pillar 2: Initiate

Once you have thought through the steps in Pillar 1, it’s time to start developing your public engagement approach and outreach plan.


Pillar 5: Shift

After reviewing what worked and what could have gone better your agency has the opportunity to make practice or policy adjustments.


Pillar 1: Think

When you are ready to develop a housing plan or seek community input on a housing project, take time to do some initial planning to ensure that you will be successful.


Pillar 3: Engage

Now that you have thought through the steps in Pillar 1 and designed your public engagement and outreach approaches in Pillar 2, it is time to implement your plan.